Individual CICs for individual Changes in Condition

Access specific CICs to collect data relevant to Critical Labs, Neurological changes, and over 60 additional CICs.

Created by Board Certified Practicing Physicians

Our team of Board Certified Geriatric Medicine physicians and current Certified Medical Directors have created smart forms that minimize the time required to get the data you need for an educated patient diagnosis.  Of course, there is always the option to add additional information to a form should you feel it necessary.

End-to-End Documentation

Everything completed via CIC is documented and tied to the person completing the work, no more missed notes, missed calls, missed documentation. No more patient suffering or legal fees associated with poor documentation.

Eliminate phone calls with only partial safety information

With CIC, your medical staff will complete the full CIC giving you a full picture of the patient’s medical health and what has changed, allowing you to determine how to safely move forward.

No more missed calls or time spent rehashing what has been done

With CIC, physicians and medical staff know what happened, what was recommended, who did it,  and the outcome of the incident.

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